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When In ROAM


When in ROAM: Audio Postcards from the Four Corners of the Globe

Around the world in 20 minutes we go!

At ROAM we are no strangers to the intoxicating experiences of wanderlust. And that is why this month, as the summer bids farewell, we challenged contributors to create a piece of sound art that encapsulates a journey they have taken to distant lands where all is exotically unfamiliar.

When In ROAM is a portal jumping story in sound, an adventurous travelogue that captures the arc and sweep of the cumulative trip. Our ROAMers were asked to recreate the thrust and momentum, the dizzying highs and crushing lows that characterized their jetlagged experiences of wielding passports, crossing borders, and fumbling for that perfect verb conjugation. The resulting audio montage drives us from Cumberland Islands to China twice, flying across the hills of Tennessee and riding a camel o’er to lovely Toronto, Canada. Did I mention we’re taking the bus to India?

Pack your bags because we’re leaving now. No time to grab the compass or fanny pack. Grab your best headphones. You’ll need them for where you’re ROAMing. When in ROAM is the 11th installment in the ROAMtransmissions series, where our motto is ROAM is for your ears to see.

 A GIANT THANKS to all of our jet-setting sound scientists for taking us along on their summer excursions, it feels like we’re still there with you:

  • Paige Adair
  • Madeline Adams
  • Mike Albanese
  • Sarah Bohling
  • Daniel Clay
  • Sam Martin
  • Doc Matysiak
  • Graham Patrick Ulicny

Rest up and ROAM ON,
The ROAM Transmissions Staff


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"It was the year 2013 when we put her in the sky. The boat that is. Nautically speaking, Boating was born on the starboard side of a skybound vessel at approximately 21:00 hrs. Upon clipping oar, the boat thrived in it’s ascent. These sounds are those of celestial demons intercepting her, posing mid-dip, writhing in the clouds in exotic and playful dance formations. And all the while, our darling vessel flourished! The imagery makes my brain itch to this very afternoon… " 
- Dr. Stan Beastin reminiscing about his first Boating performance.

ROAM, Me Worry?: A Gut-Busting Grab-bag of Sonic Sight Gags

Y’all gotta hear this. Crazy funny!


Q: Knock, knock.
A: Who’s there?
A: ROAM who?
Q: How the ROAM should I know!?… (cough)

For this month’s gut-busting episode the ROAM staff, in collaboration with legendarily off-color talk radio personality Cap’n Stan Beastin™, asked our group of sound comedians and…

ROAM Vs. Wild: A Sound Safari through Uncharted Earscapes

GET WILD with this bizzaro sound collage podcast!!


On this episode of Roam vs. Wild, we asked our ROAMers to gather sounds from their ecosystems and mold new soundscapes, create new lifeforms. The creatures we hear on this transmission are sure to encourage your feral side to stretch wide.

We safari through the concrete jungle of…

Stormtrooper vs. Cop

Picking strangers noses. It’s fun!